A non-invasive, anti-aging/body contouring device which employs thermal shock. A product which delivers head-to-toe versatility for: performing anti-aging and special event facials; restoring crepey, loose, aging skin; killing fat cells; and reducing the signs of cellulite. A physical therapy/muscle/joint/

trauma recovery tool.

Combined with the Adicell thermographic imaging technology, The Thermal Shock (T-Shock) System delivers the only integrated system in the esthetics world which can visually demonstrate the type and
density of fat and cellulite and validate post-treatment effectiveness.

The only consumable in this modality is the gel used on the treatment area.

T-Shock stands for Thermal Shock which is a simple, all natural, non-invasive concept based on using warm and cold to “shock” the cells. Alternating between hot and cold has a more dramatic effect than hot or cold applied individually. The two components, administered in sequence, according to precise therapeutic protocols, produce a localized and deep thermal shock effect. Times, temperatures and sequences vary by the targeted body part and sex of the person.

Who should consider this treatment?

  • Anyone experiencing aging who’s more desirous of a natural look without the use (or reduced use) of Botox and Fillers

  • Anyone over 35 experiencing fine lines and wrinkles

  • Clients with Rosacea

  • Clients with loose skin or wrinkles on their neck

  • Anyone looking to minimize a double chin

  • Anyone with an aging neck or decollete

  • Patients experiencing acute muscle spasm, muscle tightness, and/or inflammation caused by injury.

What are the post-treatment requirements?

  • Fat and Cellulite reduction clients are required to facilitate lymphatic drainage within 4 hours of the treatment. A lack of facilitating lymphatic drainage following a treatment may negate many of the benefits.

         This could be done by one of the following methods:

  • A 30 minute cardio workout

  • A massage or compression on the treated area

  • 20-30 minutes in a dry heat sauna or red light therapy

  • 10-15 minutes on a vibration plate with a lymphatic drainage setting

What are the contraindications?

  • No Botox or Fillers for four weeks prior to a facial

  • Anyone undergoing dialysis, having any type of kidney disease and anyone with only one kidney should not have a fat or cellulite reduction treatment

  • Anyone with active cancer or undergoing chemotherapy should not have a fat or cellulite treatment

  • Anyone with an untreated abdominal hernia should not have any fat reduction treatments in that area

  • Severe diabetes – Loss of sensation on the skin

  • Varicose Veins

  • Pregnancy